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N 14076*01 Click Here for completed Example Application for Schengen visa This application form is free PHOTO 1. Surname (Family name) (x) 2. Surname at birth (Former family name(s)) (x) 3. First
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Who needs this visa application?

This application is for everyone willing to visit Schengen Area member states. Although, before filling out this application and filing it, you should check if your country has a special agreement, according to which citizens have a chance to travel to these countries without obtaining a visa.

What is this visa application for?

Filing this application with all necessary attachments to the embassy of the destination country should result in issuing a visa for selected dates.

Is it accompanied by other forms?

There is a big list of attachment to this application: a valid passport, biometric ID card (mandatory), two passport photos within the last 30 days, employer’s letter or college letter on formal Letter Headed Paper, a bank statement from a current/cheque account less than one month old showing your name and address, a copy of the travel/ticket reservation confirmation details, and a copy of your travel insurance cover policy.

When is this visa application due?

It takes about 10 working days to process your visa application, and an embassy official may request an interview with an applicant before approving a visa. You should keep that in mind when planning a trip.

How do I fill out a Schengen visa application?

On the first page you must provide general information about yourself, including your travel and visa history. On the second page you must give more details about a future trip, like cost of travelling and living during your stay and possible family relationship with an EU, EEA or CH citizen. On the third page you must fill out a travel plan. You should list each Schengen country, write the dates of stay and number of days spent. On the fourth page check in the box for each document you attach to this application.

Where do I send it?

Send it to the embassy or consulate of the destination country.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing france visa application online
Instructions and Help about france visa form
First, we double-click on google chrome browser Now, we write the URL Click "All About Visas" Click "Short Stay Visa" Click "Tourist" Click "Visa Application Form" Click Short Stay Visa Application Form in English Click here to download this Visa form Click on "Save" button to finally download this form This is the Visa Application Form for Schengen Now, we start filling this form Enter your surname same as in passport Enter your first name same as in passport Enter your date of birth as in passport in the format of DD-MM-YYYY Enter your place of birth Enter your country of birth Enter your current nationality Put tick on your correct gender Put tick on your correct marital status Write NA, if you are not minor Write NA, if you don't have national ID Put tick on correct type of travel document Enter the type of travel document number Enter the date of issuing your travel document Enter the date of expiry of travel document Enter the place from where you get issued your passport Enter your complete home address including your e-mail address Enter your contact number Write NA, if you are not a resident of any other country Mention your designation Enter your complete office address where you are working Put tic on main purpose of your journey Enter the member state of destination Enter the member state of first entry Put tick on correct number of entries requested Enter the intended number of days to stay Have you get issued Schengen Visa in past three years Write NA here Mention NA as it is only applicable in transit case Enter the intended date of arrival in Schengen Area Enter the intended date of departure in Schengen Area Enter the name of hotel Enter the hotel address Enter the hotel contact number Enter the name of inviting company Enter the inviting company address Write Myself if you are paying yourself for your expenses Put tick on all expenses covered during stay Write NA, if no family member is an EU, EEA, or CH citizen Enter the place and date from where you are submitting this form Enter the place and date from where you are submitting this form